At the moment, small ports hold stable position in Latvia’s economy and have established as centers of regional economic activity.

There are seven small ports - Skulte, Mersrags, Salacgriva, Pavilosta, Roja, Jurmala and Engure  whose share in total cargo turnover is  4.6 percent. Although their cargo turnover on overall background is low, they play an important role in stimulating economic activity in the regions. Small ports and port-related companies employ local people, who sometimes work in the industry for generations.

Historically, small ports specialize in fishery, therefore in their territory, they have established the largest fish processing companies in Latvia. Most of the cargo, unlike in the big ports, is local not transit, such as wood chips, pellets, logs, peat. There is also a lot of handling of granite chips and other building materials. In recent years, small ports more and more serve yachts by offering repair, storing boats for winter and other services to sailors from Scandinavia, Eastern and even Western Europe, thus also promoting Latvia as a tourist destination.

New investment projects are being developed that would allow to develop business in small ports.

Small Latvian ports are mainly specialized in
  • Export of roundwood, woodchips and wood pellets;
  • Export of granite chips and other building materials;
  • Peat exports;
  • Reception of fresh and frozen fish.

Cargo turnover in small ports  2012.-2022.

Current Monthly Statistics