Ports are one of the main elements in the logistics chain. They contribute not only to the port city development but also to whole the region’s growth, therefore the role of ports has increased.

Latvia has three major ports - Liepaja, Riga and Ventspils, as well as seven small ports - Skulte, Mersrags, Salacgriva, Pavilosta, Roja, Jurmala and Engure located along the entire Latvian sea border.

Large ports mainly deal with the handling of transit cargo. Small ports are of local relevance. They are mainly engaged in timber shipment’s and receiving fishery product as for the summer season, they serve as yacht ports. Currently, small ports assume a stable position in Latvian economy and have developed as regional economic activity centres.

The freeports of Riga and Ventspils act as free economic zones, the port of Liepaja is part of the Liepaja Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Considering that - there are large, free land plots available in Latvian Free Ports and SEZ, representatives of the ports are now actively working on various investment projects such as construction and development of industrial and distribution parks, attracting investments, creating higher added value through the development of production and increasing the range of offered services.



Cargo turnover in ports of Latvia 2013.-2023.

Current Monthly Statistics

Freeport of Riga

The geographical location of the Riga port is in the center of the Baltic States and the main transit corridor of the East - West and North - South intersection of cargo carriers that means fastest, safest and cheapest service.

Freeport of Ventspils

Ventspils has already a long history of serving as an important transport route for such cargo as crude oil, petroleum products, liquid chemical products, coal, different metals, fertilizers and timber. In addition to this, the Port actively develops Ro-Ro cargo traffic.

Liepaja SEZ

Since 1992 Liepaja is developing as a multi-purpose port. Port companies offer full spectrum of port and cargo transportation services Two ship repair factories provide shipbuilding and rebuilding services.

Small ports

At the moment, small ports hold stable position in Latvia’s economy and have established as centers of regional economic activity.