Import of goods into the EU via Latvia

  • release for free circulation in Latvia by paying EU import duty;
  • shipment of goods in the VAT deferred payment mode to another destination that is an EU Member State;
  • the recipient of the goods - in another Member State - calculates and pays VAT on the goods in the regular oder.

Value Added Services of Goods

  • import of goods components in Latvia by applying customs procedure - processing under customs control;
  • assembly and marking the goods, and other similar services in Latvia;
  • the import duty is paid on raw materials, ingredients and not on the final products (smaller price than it would be on the final product);
  • final product - produced in the EU - released for free circulation in the EU at a lower import duty rate than directly imported from third countries.

Exports of EU goods through Latvia to Russia

  • Goods declared for export to another EU Member State are exported through Latvia;
  • They are brought into a customs warehouse or free zone of Latvia by applying the relevant customs regime;
  • change of the owner of the goods (foreign person) in the customs warehouse or free zone regime;
  • transported from the warehouse or free zone to the third country concerned, subject to the Community transit procedure or the TIR procedure.

Goods transit through Latvia to Russia / CIS

  • the foreign consignor imports the goods from the third country into the EU and places them in a customs warehouse or free zone of Latvia without paying import taxes;
  • the goods in the customs warehouse or free zone are sold to another foreign person;
  • the goods are returned from the EU to third countries and are sent to the new consignee;
  • import, storage and re-exportation of goods is not subject to import taxes (customs, VAT).