Road traffic and carrier is a strong economic component of each country. It provides the countries economic growth and well-being of people and the movement of people and goods in the world.

Provision of coherent and safe movement by road between countries is an important task. This requires a permanent international cooperation in order develop the world market, to promote cross-border economic cooperation, create new jobs, the development of tourism, and improvement of allocated resources. Developed and organized freight transport system allows you to deliver the goods from other countries and other continents safely and quickly; it brings closer countries and their people, promotes competition, reduces costs and improves transport efficiency. United technical standards have improved the safety and reduced the pollution.

Road infrastructure

The total length of roads and streets Latvia is 70,437 km, including national highways - 20,066 km. In Latvia national roads are administered by the SJSC "Latvian State Roads".

Passenger transportation

Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the development of land passenger transportation in Latvia. To encourage more people to choose public transport instead of private transport, both Road Transport Administration and Ministry of Transport have developed a concept for the future of public transport.

Road Carriers

Latvian road carriers are active in the international transport market. One of the newest, most modern, EU compliant and largest road transport parks in Europe is located in Latvia. 

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