Latvia is located in the center of the Baltic states, therefore, it enables the delivery of goods from Latvian warehouses within 24 hours to any store in the Baltic States, even to Stockholm, Helsinki or Warsaw; within 48 hours -the whole Scandinavia is covered.

Distribution of goods is provided by any type of transport: road, rail, sea and air.

Wide range of customs warehouses, logistic centers and forwarding companies ensures different logistics services for goods:

  • Transshipment;
  • Consolidation;
  • Repackaging of goods;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Storage of customs goods and EU goods;
  • Monitoring the status of cargo.

Latvia has great opportunities to build new logistics and distribution parks. In particular, the state supports the creation of logistical parks, where new value added goods and new jobs are created. The most favorable places for creating new logistics parks are in ports and major transit hubs in Riga, Ventspils, Liepaja, Rezekne, Krustpils, Daugavpils and Jelgava.

Rapidly growing Eurasian rail transportation essentially stimulates the development of distribution services in the Baltics. With the development of a wide network of container trains and promoting multimodal transport along the Eurasian transport corridors, Latvia serves as a Gateway to Northern Europe for the New Silk Road. Entrepreneurs involved in Eurasian transport and logistics processes are invited to take advantage of the geographical location of Latvia, in order to become leaders in the distribution, logistics and manufacturing business in the region of Northern Europe.